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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Welcome Address [EA Denver 2017]


To kick off the first general session at Elite Academy in Denver, Darren Jensen, CEO, took the stage to give his welcome address. Given at the beginning of each event, the welcome address allows Darren the opportunity to share updates regarding LifeVantage’s strategic plan. This address began with a recap from global convention in Salt Lake City where he introduced the focusing of our corporate mission, to BIOHACK THE AGING CODE, and our vision of helping a million people live a LIFE ACTIVATED. Today’s address was about the next phase of LifeVantage’s transformation.

Darren set the stage with the following statement from EuroMonitor –

“Blind adherence to the trends of the past, no matter how well intentioned, can limit future development.”

He went on to say that this statement isn’t just pertinent to LifeVantage right now—it’s absolutely critical.

His underlying message? That keeping pace with future trends driven by advancements in the business of both dietary supplements and network marketing is essential for forward progress. There is no such thing as staying in one place and to fall behind means letting opportunities for growth and success pass us by.

In today’s world, keeping pace with industry trends means two things –

  • creating innovative products using new technologies and,
  • utilizing new tools and technologies to most effectively drive business efforts.

Here’s what LifeVantage is doing to ensure forward progress:

Creating Innovative Products Using New Technologies

The momentum started with the creation of Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer, a revolutionary product that is generations ahead of the competition. The momentum continued when LifeVantage expanded its product lineup which now includes: TrueScience, PhysIQ, AXIO, Petandim, and Protandim NRF1 Synergizer.

Whereas early generations of dietary supplements worked to support health solely by preventing deficiencies and the conditions associated with a lack of certain nutrients, newer generations of supplements have the ability to optimize health through a more fine-tuned approach. With a better understanding of how nutrients from food interact with the body, product blends are becoming much more specific in their abilities. Nutrient delivery systems are also becoming much more effective. Most recently, knowledge gained about nutrient interactions with the human genome is providing insight as to how compounds found in foods can be utilized to best support health.

This new field of study is called Nutrigenomics and it’s quickly becoming one of LifeVantage’s key differentiators from other direct selling companies as well as others in the dietary supplement space.

The majority of supplements out there have adhered to trends of the past, focusing their efforts on supporting health in the most basic ways. By staying preactive to the trends, LifeVantage has been able to create the most effective products; ones that are unlike any others on the market. Utilizing targeted delivery systems and ingredients shown to positively impact gene expression, LifeVantage is finding novel ways to biohack the aging code; what the company sees as the next big breakthrough and as having the greatest potential to help support a healthy lifespan. Darren alluded to this when he said,

“Nutrigenomics is where the world is headed and we are leading the charge.”

Utilizing New Tools and Technologies to Most Effectively Drive Business Efforts

Looking back to 2009, the year Protandim was removed from retail shelves, LifeVantage implemented a network marketing business model better suited to distribute Protandim. This decision helped propel the product and the company into the national spotlight. Over the years, the story of Protandim and LifeVantage’s other amazing products has reached millions of people. But leaders at LifeVantage recognize that the world around them is moving and in order to keep progressing, the company must continuously adjust how they are doing business.

With much of the transformation revolving around new technology and the way in which businesses are communicating with customers, LifeVantage has chosen to focus its efforts on developing new tools and technologies to keep pace with the new ways people interact, communicate, engage with each other, and buy. The company is focusing its efforts on reducing friction points between corporate and the field and between Distributors and their customers.

As said by Darren, “We can either transform or we can get left behind like the rest of the walking dead out there. There is no middle ground.”

Here’s what LifeVantage has implemented so far (direct quote from Darren):


“We’ve created a new enrollment process. It’s simpler, it’s easier, it’s built to help you enroll new distributors in a matter of seconds. You remember the days of filling out a paper enrollment or sitting next to someone as they went through the 20 steps to enroll only to get frustrated and not finish 15 steps in? Those days are about to be history. Now a text can be sent and in 4 simple steps, you are a business owner.”


“Again, a wonderful set of tools we’ve built and developed. They’re designed to help you perform nearly every single business function right from your phone. You can literally post, share, sell, sign people up, and do your taxes all while sitting on the couch.”


“Here’s the simple truth: we are social entrepreneurs. We invented social marketing. So how can we keep pace with the speed of business today and not be utilizing social media?

Right now there are 1.94 billion active users on Facebook. There are another billion people on WhatsApp. And nearly a billion people on Twitter and Tumblr combined. So what we’re saying is that you have access to nearly half of the entire world’s population right at your fingertips.

Sure you can do your usual article sharing on social media, but capabilities have expanded to the point where you can run your entire business with features like Facebook Live that let you showcase products and interact with friends and friends of friends and complete strangers. There are plugins that let you personalize a message to whoever sees it on your page. You have the ability to not just become a product of the product but to share those personal experiences with others.

We have an opportunity that’s letting people form incredible businesses and live a LIFE ACTIVATED. People want better, healthier lives… we have what people want, it is just up to us to share it with them in a way that they can see what it is.

If you want to reach millions of people, head to social media. If you want to make life easier on yourselves and your distributors and customers, get creative and utilize the tools available to you.”

Darren ended his address with a quote from Rear Admiral Grace Hopper that reads,

“The most dangerous phrase in language is—we’ve always done it this way.”

“The point,” he said, “is that we simply can’t afford to be doing things the way we have. If you are still doing business like you did years ago, you could be doing better. At the rate the world is changing, it’s not survival of the fittest, it’s survival of the fastest.”

The takeaway –

LifeVantage is committed to the success of its Distributors. The company is relentlessly pursuing excellence in the products, tools, and technologies it provides so that Distributors can stay on the cutting edge; the only thing required of them is to take the initiative. With that in mind, LifeVantage challenges all Distributors to learn new things every day as the company believes that ongoing growth is essential for achieving personal potential.

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